So, Do You Really Want To Sell Your Home?

Are you someone who has been in your home long enough to were you have either found something that you like more?  Or is there something that your current house doesn’t have?  Maybe your current home has features that you simply just don’t like?  Are you ready to upgrade or maybe downgrade? Maybe you simply just want to find a different place.

Or is life saying it’s time for you to move? There are a few different scenarios that would force people to sell.  Whatever the circumstance may be - job relocation, divorce, anything like that - there could be a number of different reasons why you simply might just have to sell. Ready or not.

What are things to look forward to whenever you are getting your home ready to sell?  Think of it like this, and fellas it might be easier to think like a woman on this one.  If you were going to be in a beauty contest, what would your dress look like?  What would you do with your make up? How would your hairstyle be?  What would you make sure was in better shape? 

When you put your home on the market you are going to essentially be entering into a "home beauty contest".  You want your home to look like the best and most beautiful home on the market.  That means you are going to have to have the home in tip-top shape.  That could mean that you and your wife or husband are cleaning up stuff, packing things up, putting things into storage.  Could be that you gotta paint some touch up areas or clean up the walls.  There could be some carpet issues or just other things cosmetically that hurt the appearance of your home that need to be addressed.

All of these things can be extremely stressful as you are coming down to the wire and having to get your home on the market.  Let's face it most people don’t take action until their survival is threatened, meaning maybe they are not getting their house "beauty" ready until even the day before.  Adds chaos right? So what do you do?

Something that has become way more popular and something that we offer at GTTHomes Real Estate is a what theu call a Guarantee Home Offer.  A Guarantee Home Offer is were you don’t have to go through staging, you don’t have to go through getting your home in tip-top shape.  We would simply just give you a guaranteed offer that forgoes all that beauty prep work.  

So let me talk about both of them.  If you are going to try and win the home beauty contest and have your home looking the best cosmetically, you are probably going to make more money at the end of the day vs someone doing the new way of Guaranteed Offers that you see all over the place toady.  One thing that is important to keep in mind if you are choosing the contest route is that looks aren’t everything when it comes to beauty, pricing has a lot to do with attraction too!

So those are your choices. You are either going to try and make as much money as you possibly can going the beauty contest route or you are going to go the convenience route and you are just gonna turn your house over to an investor and forgo all the problems of getting it contest ready for the market.  I think as the market starts to slow down more and more people are going to try to optimize the amount of money they can make on their home. 

If you have any more questions, let me know…GTT

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