Real Eskate At It's Finest

We had our first GTT Team Skate Night last night...luckily the night was filled with lots of laughs and no broken bones. With me approaching 50 and it being 20+ years since I have stepped foot on a skating rink floor, I was sure there was going to be an injury or two. 

This was an event just for our team and family. It was an awesome way to connect outside of the office, let loose and have a lot of unexpected fun!

I was amazed by some our the team's skating skills. Travis, one of our newest agents, was by far the best! I won't publicly call out the worst. Most of us were decent...not great but not terrible. At the end of the day, it wasn't a competition. It was just real eskate at it's finest. Laughing

As much as I have historically not seen value in events over other elements of owning a business, I have recently experienced first hand the importance of events and connection with not only your clients, but your team...AKA your family.  

I am looking forward to the next one! 

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