My 8th Month in Real Estate!

My 8th Month in Real Estate

Happy 2024! We have officially made it into the new year, and my 8th month in real estate! This last month was relatively slow due to the holiday, but that didn't stop my consistency. I continued to make social media posts, talk to hot and nurture leads, closed clients, and people that I already have a relationship with. I continued to show up early every day, set daily targets, and do the things I say I will do to get closer to my goals! I am currently working with 2 clients. One of my clients chose a lot in our NEW SECTION of Creeksbend! Construction should start in March, I am super excited for her to have a brand new home in the best neighborhood in Rutherford county! This is also my first deal that I will have in the Creeksbend neighborhood, which we manage, and I am PUMPED! I also have another family that I showed one of our listings to in Christiana, they absolutely LOVED the home! I asked them the question we all should ask after a client shows the amount of interest they did, "Do you feel like you've seen enough to make a decision?" Initially they had decided they would like to stay on the north side of Murfreesboro, we looked at every new contruction all brick 4 bedroom home on that side of town, nothing was really sticking out to them. I asked if they would be open to checking out other areas, which they agreed to. Turns out they loved the south side of Murfreesboro 10x better than they imagined they would! Don't ever think a client won't change their mind, whether it be location, price, size of a home/lot. People change their minds all the time, if you can find your client something they fall in love with, everyone wins! All that's holding us up is some financial details, but I have no worry that once we get that situated, I will be able to help them meet their goals and get them into a home they love! Even when you feel like you have exhausted all options, DON'T GIVE UP! Let's start this new year off with a BANG!!

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