“My 6th Month in Real Estate” by Aly Follis

My 6th Month in Real Estate

Here we are! I have officially hit the half year mark as a new agent! There have been ups and downs, just like anything in life. Overall, I've truly enjoyed the experiences I have had thus far. In my last post I talked about a deal that we had high hopes of working out, but was still unknown what the outcome would be at that time. On Tuesday, October 31, we officially CLOSED! Even with some hiccups along the way, we still managed to get my client a beautiful home, and an amazing deal! I'm so honored that I was chosen to be the one to help my client every step of the way in achieving a goal that she had for awhile now! Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases and decisions anyone will make in their lifetime. I am happy to say I was able to help and succeed in making that happen. As we get deeper in the 4th quarter, interest levels are lower due to holidays coming around. Don't let that fool you, there are people out there that still have a need to buy & sell during this time. I am hopeful that I will continue to get out of obscurity, and be your girl when it comes to making these tough decisions! Don't let slow downs or setbacks dictate what the final outcome will be. You never know what can happen, or what opportunities may come along. Stay hopeful, stay positive, and DON'T GIVE UP!

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