My 10th Month in Real Estate!

Wow we are in the double digits! I cannot believe I have been in the real estate game for almost a year! It was an eventful, but also stagnant month in February. We are still under contract and set to close March 14 for my first listing! Thankfully, things have gone smoothly so far, now we just have to make it to the closing table! I have also continued to work with my current clients, and meeting their needs to the best of my ability. Our team has also been very intentional on cleaning up and organizing our CRM. To do this, we have been contacting leads while they are searching our site actively. We have a 7 touch plan including texts, calls, and emails. If we do not receive a response within these 7 touches, we send them into a pond for cold calls. The purpose of this is to help isolate the leads that have shown/currently show interest in our personal database. It also helps us generate leads more efficiently, and up our conversion rate! We are taking note of things that have worked and have not, that way we can make plans for new ways to increase business! Our follow up game is increasing exponentially compared to what the majority of agents in this field our willing to do. It's all about being top of mind, so that when it's time to make a decision, we are the one they will hopefully choose to do business with! I have continued to stay intentional with my actions, use FREE social media platforms to my advantage to get known, and talking to as many people as I can! I am proud to say I will officially close out the first quarter of 2024 with a deal on the board. Let's keep working and NEVER GIVE UP! Here's to the month of March!

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