Buying AND Selling At The Same Time

Are you somebody that does not want to move until you know exactly what it is that you want in your next home?  Maybe you are ready to move and you just don’t know where you are going to go.  Looking to buy and sell at the same time can often create a lot of uncertainty and a lot of stress.  

My wife and I are in this exact situation.  We actually love our current house.  I love where we live.  I love how I feel whenever we are in our house.  I love the light that comes in naturally from all of the open windows.  I love looking at our pool, but a once in a lifetime opportunity has popped up in a particular subdivision that has always been my favorite.  This subdivision started in the late ’60’s, its called Riverview, right here in Murfreesboro.  Homes have not been built in this subdivision in maybe four decades, but there is a new section coming up called Riverview Cove.

As excited as we are about this opportunity, we are already talking about the inconveniences that are going to come along with selling our current home.  Where do we go temporarily until our new permanent place is finished? When do we put our house on the market?

So when is the best time?  When should you sell your home?

I believe the best time to sell your home is when somebody is ready to buy it!  Right now we could be thirteen to fifteen months away from our new home being done, but what if somebody came in today and wanted to buy our current home?  I say we sell it now.  

Now, what I would not recommend that you do is this.  I would not accept a contract at a later closing date.  Most people would rather do that because it gives them the peace and the security of staying at home, hoping that they can just transfer from their old home into their new home.  But there is a big risk that comes along with that.  What if something changes over the course of that contract?  What if for some reason they can’t or decide not to buy your home?  Then you are stuck trying to get rid of something before you buy your new home.

So my wife and I are going back and forth on what to do, but I am telling her if we can sell our home then "LET’S SELL OUR HOME"!

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