7th Month in Real Estate!

My 7th month in Real Estate

Hello again! We have officially made it past the half year mark, and what a journey it has been! We are now in the month of December, also on average the slowest quarter of the year in this industry. Since my last close on October 31st, I have been working extremely hard to keep the ball rolling. I've told y'all that honesty is a big part of this blog; the good, bad, and ugly. Today I am here to tell you that there are hard times, and there are moments when those hard times may lead you to being hard on yourself like I have been lately. To say I am only proud of closing my first deal by myself would be an understatement. I am not only proud, but it makes me feel accomplished, rewarded, and fulfilled from the hard work I put in to make it happen! After that though, things slowed down. I have 2 customers I am currently working with, however I do not have anything under contract YET. I have to keep reminding myself about that word YET. There's been many moments lately where I have let self doubt take over, but it's time to pull myself out of that. Not only does this job require skill, but it also requires a strong mindset and attitude. In my opinion, you cannot help others to the best of your ability if you are feeling down on yourself. I have questioned whether my work will pay off enough to keep me afloat, or if I will always have to rely on other forms of income. I feel like I have been working consistently to try to get another deal on the board, sooner than the last gap I had between deals which was 4.5 months. I have not felt reward or luck on my side lately. It has felt like a repetitive cycle of coming in, staying consistent with my work, even changing things that aren't working to something that has showed success for others. Still, I have not seen results, which can be disappointing and overwhelming at times. I am trying to pick myself back up, and remind myself that just because I have not had results in the time I was hoping for, does not mean they will not happen for me. The problem lately is I haven't believed in myself, and that energy rubs off on others around me and how the universe will work in my favor. If I don't believe I am capable of great things, how will others? It all starts from within, and I am here today to say not only am I holding myself accountable, but I know you all will too, especially now that I am being vulnerable and putting myself out there. My efforts may not have produced results YET, but I have to believe they will. I WILL NOT GIVE UP!

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