* “My 5th Month in Real Estate” by Aly Follis

My 5th Month in Real Estate

Welcome back! If you have kept up with my posts, I want you to know I truly appreciate the support. If you're new here, hello! I hope to bring value to at least one person with these blog posts. Getting right into it, this past month has been a test of my abilities and faith to say the least. As I stated before, if you stay consistent, you will eventually see results even if it's not when you expected! I have gotten more leads, and clients this past month than I have over a 2-3 month time period. I have some that are not quiet ready to buy, but I am confident that if I stay in touch and earn their trust, that they will use me when the time comes! I have a family that lives out of town that are close to making a decision. I have been in contact multiple times a week with them, have done many virtual tours, and continued to try to find the perfect home for them! I was sick one week, and they checked in on me which I really appreciated! I have continued to stay in contact not only about real estate, but about their personal life as well. Remember our clients are not just a sale, they are people too & deserved to be cared for! I have another client that has been a little more challenging, lower priced homes are hard to come by in our area and this market right now, but I was not going to let that stop me from helping her in every way I possibly could! We found one home that we put an offer on, we got beat out by an investor; this is happening a lot with the price range we are looking at in our area. We found another that went under contract before we were able to find a financing solution. We found one that we got an accepted offer on now! Very exciting, but we have had some financing hiccups along the way due to standards changing during this market. We are still holding onto hope, staying positive, and exhausting every possible solution before taking a NO! I am so very thankful that the agent and seller have been so patient & understanding through this process, it is more appreciated than words or actions can show. We are coming to the last couple of options, but we are still in a possible YES territory, so I am not giving up! Remember this business, or any at that will not always be easy. It is all about the mindset we have and put out to others. Our thoughts create our reality, so remember that when dealing with difficult times. Look at them as oppurtinues to learn, and overcome things you never thought you could! I will leave you with that for this month. Remember, DON'T GIVE UP!

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